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Self-Test Products

Waiting times for GPs are on the increase, and many people don't want to bother their GPs unnecessarily.

The self-tests products are not quantitative, but rather give an indication if levels are low / high / normal.

If a positive / low / high result is achieved => go to see a nutritionist or GP to discuss your findings!

Self-tests empower everyone to gain a better understanding of their personal health and wellbeing.

By testing at home, you can get quick results => seek medical advice if needed.

"Any previous tests that I've come across were expensive and required sending to labs. I was really excited to learn about these products, their ease of use and price make them an excellent starting point for clients. Any unusual results can then be discussed with a nutritionist or GP (who may then do more detailed testing)".   


Product Details


Wondfo Strep A Self-Test

> used for the rapid detection of the group A streptococcal antigen from a throat swab specimen.

> Strep A is a type of bacteria commonly found on the skin or in the throat, that generally causes mild infections such as sore throat or impetigo.

> on rare occasions, invasive infections known as iGAS infections can result -  especially in older people, young children & the immunocompromised.

> Strep A can easily be treated with antibiotics. 

> seek medical help following a positive result or if you have concerns about a Strep A infection.

> if you get a negative result, and Strep A symptoms remain/worsen or, you're concerned, contact your GP.

Price = £ 7.00 

Abingdon Health is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and works under IVDD 98/79/EC and in accordance with IVDR 2017/746 and GMP 21CFR820. Its facilities have medical device establishment registration with the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. It is also a member of Medilink.

SelfCheck's medical tests are CE certified, specifically for self-test & professional use to the same standards as hospital lab tests. The self-test kits are assembled in the UK from hospital grade components.

Imutest's allergy specific testing kits are suitable for screening both children and adults (i.e. milk, egg, airborne, dust mite and cat allergy testing kits). The only kit which is not suitable for children aged 6 years or younger is the Allergy Check KitEach test gives safe and reliable results with the same level of accuracy as a hospital laboratory, and all Imutest products carry a CE Mark confirming that they have been independently assessed by a certified EU Notified Body. 

All medical tests, whether used at home, or by your hospital lab, can give some people false positive or negative results. A test result by itself is not a diagnosis. If you have symptoms that concern you, always speak with your pharmacist or doctor.

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